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Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this. If not please delete.
I had a laptop in for repair. Had a new ite chip installed on Lenovo E490. Not sure what the history is of it but i keep getting errors as follows.
Tried different ec and bios still same issue.

Need some info how to correct UUID tried u1 tools but keep getting error.
Invalid configuration information area.
Failed to write the configuration to EEPROM
Current brand name is: Target block dose not exist.

Tried the norm initialise EEPROM etc. using U1 tool.
Any help how to correct this please.
Thanks in advance.
Correct place tell us which Ec programmer you use for write Ec chip?

I have a svod4 and a vertyanov. I have tried both programmers and the same output. Tried fresh ec file extracted form the exe using Lbe+ software.