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  1. Ahsan Tariq


    FA506 DABKXBMBAD0 Rev D bios bin zip OK
  2. Ahsan Tariq

    DELL DELL 5480 DAJW8GMB8C1 Rev_ C1

    DAJW8GMB8C1 Rev C1 bios bin zip OK
  3. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS ZenBook UX560UA Bios

    Flip UX560UA bios bin zip and UX560UA Ec bin zip UX560UA Clean me zip OK
  4. Ahsan Tariq


    Rog Z790-E GAMING WIFI strix repair guide schematic.pdf OK
  5. Ahsan Tariq

    ASUS Asus prime Z270-P rev 1.02 Bios,Board view

    Z270-P rev 1.02 16MB bios bin zip bios bin zip and Prime Z270-P rev 1.02 Board OOK
  6. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS Z690-P rev 1.0 Board view

    Z690-P rev 1.0 board view.fz zip (60MB19Q0-MB0A01) OK
  7. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS PRIME Z790-P Bios,Board view

    Z790-P bios bin zip (1.00X 60MB1CK0-MB0A03) and Z790-P Board view OK
  8. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS PRIME Z790-A WIFI Bios,Schematic

    Z790-A wifi Schematic repair guide OK
  9. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Asus N43J n43jq rev 2.0 Bios

    N43J n43jq rev 2.0 bios bin zip OK
  10. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS P8B75-V Rev 2.01 Bios

    P8B75-V Rev 2.01 Bios bin zip OK
  11. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS X88S F81Se MAX17031E rev 2.2 Bios,Board view

    X88S F81Se rev 2.2 bios bin zip and Boardview F81SE 2.0.fz F81SE 2.2.fz OK
  12. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS G64VW Rev 2.2 Bios

    G64VW Rev 2.2 bios bin zip OK
  13. Ahsan Tariq

    ASUS ASUS K553LN V551L - S551LN Bios

    K553LN V551L - S551LN Bios bin zip OK
  14. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Asus K55DE MAIN BOARD REV 2.0 Bios, Schematic, Board view

    K55DE MAIN BOARD REV 2.0 bios bin zip and K55DE Schematic K55DE Board view.fz zip OK
  15. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Asus K751LD rev 2.0 Bios

    K751LD rev:2.0 bios bin zip OK
  16. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS K453MA REV 2.0 Bios

    K453MA REV 2.0 bios bin zip OK
  17. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS K42JY-X42JY Bios,Schematic

    K42JY-X42JY bios bin zip and K42JY-X42JY Schematic.pdf repair guide OK
  18. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS X555LB K555LB Ver: 304 Bios

    X555LB K555LB Ver: 304 bios bin zip and X555LB K555LB EC bin zip OK
  19. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS X550JK K550JK Ver.303 Bios

    X550JK K550JK Ver.303 bios bin zip OK
  20. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Alienware X51 R3 MS-7985 Bios

    X51 R3 BIOS MS-7985 16MB bios bin zip OK
  21. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS HP 15-bc518tx DAG35QMB8C0 REV C

    DAG35QMB8C0 REV C bios bin zip and DAG35QMB8C0 EC bin zip OK
  22. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Huawei Macbook-W50 DAH95AMB8C0 H95A rev c Bios

    DAH95AMB8C0 H95A Rev c bios bin zip and DAH95AMB8C0 EC bin zip OK
  23. Ahsan Tariq


    X570 PLUS WIFI GAMING Bios bin zip OK
  24. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS P9D-M rev 1.03 Board view

    P9D-M rev 1.03 Board view zip OK
  25. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS P9D-I ver 1.02 Schematic

    P9D-I ver 1.02 board view.fz zip OK
  26. Ahsan Tariq

    ASUS ASUS P9D-V Bios,Board view

    P9D-V bios bin zip and P9D-V board view rev 1.01, 1.02,1.0 bin zip OK
  27. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Boardview for ASUS A6JN

    ASUS A6JN Board view zip OK
  28. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS ASUS incorporates M9F and M9J all-in-one Notebooks & Tablet PCs rev 2.0 Board view

    M9J Boardview bin zip OK
  29. Ahsan Tariq

    ASUS ASUS P9D-MH/SAS/10G-DUAL Bios,Board view

    P9D-MH bios bin zip and P9D-MH Board view rev 1.0,1.02,1.01 OK
  30. Ahsan Tariq

    BIOS Bios desktop Motherboard Intel D845EPT2

    D845EPT2 bios bin zip OK
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